A story of conflict, courage, and resolution. Women who wage peace around the world.

About the film

About Face is a feature-length documentary film about the courage and tenacity of female peacekeepers around the world. Despite resistance women face when they pursue a career in peacekeeping, they serve a unique and powerful role in protecting communities and diffusing conflict. Women peacekeepers have essential access to those most often subjected to violence.

Currently, the positive impact of female peacekeepers is underestimated. The United Nations is among the most progressive organizations in the world when it comes to recognizing and implementing strategies that promote gender parity. The UN has resolved to double the number of women serving as peacekeepers by 2020. About Face explores the political, cultural, and societal barriers to achieving that goal, as well as the unique successes of these courageous women.

Filmmakers Lou Douros and John Northrup will take the camera into peacekeeping missions where women in uniform, outside their traditional roles as wives, sisters, and daughters are often seen as heroes.

In a story that begins in 1960 with the very first female peacekeeper, the film will offer a rare and authentic opportunity to follow present-day female peacekeepers as they work to resolve conflicts in communities caught in the crossfire.



The About Face team met with Ugandan Permanent Representative Ambassador Dr. Richard Nduhuura yesterday to discuss Uganda’s support in developing the feature length film about women peacekeepers around the world.

ABOUT FACE Press Release

New York, NY, March 8, 2017– Executive Producer and Transformation Ambassador, Judyth Nsababera, has a big vision. She is producing a feature-length documentary to show the world what the United Nations and others have identified as one of the most effective, powerful… and sadly, under-utilized course of action in peacekeeping: The deployment of women.

Meet our team

Judyth Nsababera, MA, BSc

Executive Producer

Lou Douros

Co-Producer & Director

John Northrup

Co-Producer & Cinematographer

Rosa Malango

Associate Producer



John Schroter

Editor / Colorist

Supporting Gender Equality

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